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Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Burner Plate

The infrared honeycomb ceramic burner plate is made from high-purity cordierite and features high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution, cost saving, high practicability, easy installation, good permeability and good thermal radiation. A wide application of the ceramic honeycomb panel is found in gas stove, gas water heater, cabinet heater and industrial curing oven.

Attractive Advantages of Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Burner Plate
1. 20-50% energy saving
2. Flameless combustion, low noise
3. More than 70% CO and NOX reduction
4. Wind resistance, high security

More Information about Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Burner Plate
When using, honeycomb ceramic plates are spread with catalyst, CNG (compressed natural gas) and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) realize flameless combustion and release a great deal of heat once contacting the ceramic plates. The thermal energy is mainly released and radiated by infrared in a high efficient way, thus avoiding energy waste caused by visible light and achieving a highest possible utilization of heat energy.

In addition to high energy utilization, the infrared honeycomb ceramic plate also guarantees low release of harmful gas and environmental protection. On our specially developed infrared gas heater plates, oxygen gets sufficient burning and ensures no carbonization. With the usage of the infrared honeycomb ceramic plate, pollutants like NOx, CO and CH are seldom generated. In comparison to commonly used ceramic plates, it's more ecofriendly and also has a longer service life.

Our company also developed a wave surface type infrared honeycomb ceramic plate. This type of ceramic panel enlarges the specific surface area and burning area, allowing for improved combustion performance, energy saving and eco-friendly performance.

Size: The size can be customized upon request.

Technical Parameters of Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Burner Plate
Item Index Specifications
Material Cordierite Customized upon request
Water absorption 50.4%
Open porosity 61%
Specific gravity 0.9-1.10 Kg/cm3
Thermal expansion coefficient 1.5-3 (×10-6K-1)
Softening temperature >1280
Cooking surface temperature 1000-1200
CO release ≤0.006%
NOx release ≤5ppm

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