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Honeycomb Ceramics

    1. Thermal Storage Honeycomb Ceramic
      High temperature air combustion or HTAC is a technology that was developed for energy efficiency and environmental protection. When compared to traditional combustion methods, HTAC systems can reduce fuel consumption by 20-50% and lowers oxidation burn loss by 20% as well as NOx exhaust by more than 40%.
    1. Three-Way Catalyst Support
      The Hualian three-way catalyst is designed for a wide range of engines and meets all relevant emission standards. In addition to high quality products, we also provide customization services to meet the most specific customer requests.
    1. Diesel Particulate Filter
      This DPF emission solution filters at least 80% of carbon substances from exhaust systems. It does a fantastic job relieving air pollution from combustion engines.
    1. Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst, SCR Catalyst
      The catalyst support is made from cordierite and is most often applied in the catalytic converter of diesel emission purification systems. After the catalytic conversion and purification, exhaust gases are then compliant with European IV and European V standards.
    1. Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Burner Plate
      The infrared honeycomb ceramic burner plate is made from high-purity cordierite and features high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution, cost saving, high practicability, easy installation, good permeability and good thermal radiation. A wide application of the ceramic honeycomb panel is found in gas stove, gas water heater, cabinet heater and industrial curing oven.
    1. Ceramic Foam Filter
      Ceramic foam is a new type of material made from ceramics that has a low volumetric weight of 0.25-0.65 g/cm3 and a high porosity of 60-90%. Since ceramic foam filter shows excellent resistance to high temperature as well as chemical corrosion, and has a large specific surface area, it is widely applied in molten metal filtration, high-temperature flue gas purification, chemical filtration and more.