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Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst

The ammonia decomposition catalyst is a product developed by our company and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. Main components include high-temperature cooked MgO (or Al2O3), active component Ni and other addition agent.

Known for high catalytic activity, high mechanical strength, great temperature resistance and anti-coking performance, the ammonia decomposition catalyst is most often applied in ammonia decomposition furnaces. This chemical catalyst decomposes NH3 and HCN into N2, H2 and CO2, and effectively resolves the equipment corrosion problem in coal gas recovery furnace as well as environmental pollution problem. Till now, the catalyst product has been exported to as far reaching as North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more.

Operation temperature: 1100-1200℃
Operation pressure: 0-1Mpa
Space velocity: 1000-3000h-1
Decomposition rate: ≥94%

Properties of Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst
Items Parameters
Appearance Grey rasching ring shape
Size (external diameter × height × inner diameter) 19 × 19 × 9 (mm)
Bulk density, kg/L 1.10-1.20
Chemical compositions (%) NiO ≥ 14.00 The rest: Al2O3 +addition agent
Loss on ignition ≤20
Crushing strength, N/particle ≥ 400
Low-strength particle rate (< 180N/ particle) ≤5.0%
Thermal resistance At 1200℃, it works continuously.
At 1300℃, it undergoes burning for 2 hours, without adhesion or crack At 1400℃, it still has a stable structure and high strength, without melting, attrition or deformation.
Working Environment (AD204 Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst)
Item Parameters
Pressure 0.01Mpa - 0.10MPa
Temperature 750℃-850℃
Space velocity 350 hr-1
Decomposition rate 99.99% (min)

Packaging and Storage
The packaging bag is printed with name, model, weight, manufacture factory and other related information. During the transport, the ammonia decomposition catalyst should be protected from moisture, collision, dropping and rolling. It must be stored in a dry warehouse. Additionally, the packaging style can be customized upon request.

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