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High Temperature Shift Catalyst

The HTS catalyst has low sulfur contents and finds an extensive application in large-scale synthetic ammonia manufacturing factories. For the first-time usage, the sulfur release time is saved.

Main Characteristics of High Temperature Shift Catalyst
1. High activity
2. High strength
3. Low bulk density
4. Wide usage temperature range
5. Strong condensate water resistance

Specifications of High Temperature Shift Catalyst
Appearance Black brown column
Diameter φ 9 ×6 –8mm, Φ 6 ×5-7mm
Bulk density 1.4-1.5 g/ml
Compositions FeXOY, Cr2O3, Cuo and other addition agents
Activity under 350 o C (conversion rate) ≥70.0%
Crushing strength before reduction ≥ 210.0N/cm
Crushing strength after reduction ≥ 210.0N/cm
Low-strength particle rate (160N/cm) ≤10.0%
Wear rate ≤ 8.0%
Loss on ignition ≤ 10.0%
Sulfur ≤0.025%
Inlet temperature 280 ℃(max. start-up temperature: 250 ℃)
Usage temperature 300-500 ℃
Optimal temperature 350-420 ℃
Working pressure Atmospheric pressure-8.0MPa
Space velocity 600-3000h-1
Sulfur resistant capacity H2S< 500mg/Nm3
Water-air ratio ≧0.3 (humidifying system excluded)

1000kg plastic woven bags are used. They are suitable for sea transportation.

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