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Chloride Removal Catalyst

Newly developed, the chloride removal catalyst offered by Hualian uses calcium compound as main active constituent and is added with special addition agent. Implementing modern manufacture techniques, the acid gas removal catalyst possesses great crushing strength and ultra-high de-chlorination activity. It's capable to remove at least 50% of chloride. A wide application of chloride removal catalyst is found in removing HCl in oil products and hydrogen. So far, it has been exported to the U.S. and Middle East.

Properties of Chloride Removal Catalyst
Items Parameters Items Parameters
Appearance White or hoary bar Active constituents Calcium compound
Size, mm ∮4×5-20 Chloride content, % ≥50
Bulk density, kg/L 0.75-0.85 Crushing strength, N/cm ≥60
Working Environment
Items Reaction pressure, Mpa Reaction temperature, ℃ Space velocity, hr-1
Atmospheric pressure-10 300 3.0-8.0 (liquid) 500-3000 (gas)
Before chloride removal Chloride content < 1000ppm
After chloride removal Chloride content< 1ppm

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