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Arsenic Removal Catalyst

Thearsenic removal catalyst uses transition metallic oxides as active constituents and is added with special addition agents, capable to be used in an environment of high velocity speed and with a high AsH3 concentration.

Modern manufacture techniques guarantee excellent properties. For example, this type of arsenic removal catalyst possesses a bulk density 20% lower than commonly used products, thereby reducing packaging cost and without compromising crushing strength. Besides, the arsenic removal efficiency and precision of thechemical catalyst is better than peer products by foreign famous manufacturers, like BASE Corporation.

The catalyst for removing arsenic is mainly applied in eliminating AsH3 in propylene and ethylene, to protect subsequent polymerization catalyst and other deep processing catalysts. In addition, it is very suitable for precise removal of arsenic compounds in concentrated ethylene. So far, the arsenic removal catalyst has been utilized in dozens of industrial systems.

Properties of Arsenic Removal Catalyst
Items Parameters Items Parameters
Appearance Black bar Active constituents, % ≥33
Size, mm ∮2×2-10 Bulk density, kg/L 0.70-0.95
Crushing strength, N/cm ≥ 60 Arsenic content, % ≥15
Working Environment
Items Pressure, Mpa Reaction temperature, ℃ Velocity speed, hr-1
Atmosphere pressure-4.0 Normal temperature 2.0-6.0
Raw material Arsenic < 10000 ppb, sulfur < 5 ppm, water < 50 ppm
Products Arsenic < 20 ppb, arsenic removal rate ≥ 99%

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