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Oxygen Removal Catalyst

HLRO-M oxygen removal catalyst makes use of transition metal as main active constituent and aluminum oxide as carrier. This catalyst is a type of normal-temperature deoxidizing agent with a high oxygen removal rate. Without hydrogenation, the transition metal based deoxidizer directly removes oxygen at normal temperature from such gases as nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, ethylene, propylene and saturated alkane.

Two features of the oxygen removal catalyst are: One, this chemical catalyst can be reused. Two, the oxygen removal catalyst is used under normal temperature and avoids temperature runaway problem.

Properties of Oxygen Removal Catalyst
Items Parameters
Appearance Grey black ball or tablet
Size, mm ∮3-5 or∮5.0×4.5-5.5
Bulk density, kg/L 1.0-1.4
Crushing strength ≥ 49N/ particle or 98N/cm
Oxygen removal activity, mlO2/g ≥15
Final oxygen content, ppm ≤ 0.5
Working Environment
Temperature, ℃ Normal temperature-200℃
Pressure, Mpa 0-6.0
Oxygen content of raw material, ppm ≤ 4000
Space velocity, hr-1 0.5-3.0

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