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Ceramic Balls

    1. Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball
      The alumina inert ball is characterized by high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, low water absorption rate and chemical stability. The inert alumina ceramic ball is mainly used for increasing distribution of gas and liquid, and supporting catalysts whose activity are not too high.
    1. Ceramic Grinding Media
      The distinctive features of the microcrystalline alumina grinding media produced by Pingxiang Hualian lie that they possess high strength, high density and low attrition loss. They are suitable for both dry and wet grinding processes. Ceramic grinding media are mainly applied for ball mills, agitators, vibro-mills and sand-mille etc.
    1. Zirconia Ceramic Bearing Ball
      Zirconia ball is generally assembled in bearing for application in high-tech industries such as aerospace, national defense, chemical industry, metallurgical, medical, food, oil plant, electronic and so forth. The zirconia oxide ball is frequently used in exactitude machines, bearings, hardware, wheel, bicycles, etc.

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