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CO Removal Catalyst

In the manufacture of CO removal catalyst, ineffective materials are removed and an ideal bulk density as well as loss on ignition is realized. Thislow temperature shift catalyst is suitable for low steam-gas ratio process and has a low dust rate, ensuring no dust will affect the succeeding processes. Containing no water, the LTS catalyst makes sure material will not contact with water and not influence the properties of catalyst.

According to experiment results, the industrial catalyst shows an excellent performance when the temperature is more than 175 ℃. The carbonic oxide removal catalyst is appropriate for use in CO shift conversion reaction in synthetic ammonia and hydrogen production factories that use natural gas, naphtha, oil field gas and coal as raw material.

Three types of low temperature shift catalyst are accessible: standard type, high inlet temperature type and steam type.

Catalyst Activity
Before being heated, the activity is 0.15-0.18.
After being heated, the activity is 0.18-0.25 and excellent properties are offered.
The catalyst attrition is less than 4.5%.

Technical Parameters of CO Removal Catalyst
Model CB-5 CB-5 CB-10
Appearance Sepia column
Diameter 5mm 2.5mm 5mm
Length 5mm 5mm 5mm
Bulk density 1.2-1.4kg/l
Crushing strength > 160N/cm > 130 N/cm > 160N/cm
CuO 40±2%
ZnO 43±2%
Working Environment
Usage temperature 180-260℃ Pressure < 50.MPa
Space velocity < 3000h-1 Steam-gas ratio > 0.35
Sulfur content in raw material < 0.5ppmv Cl-1 content in inlet < 0.1ppmv

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