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Tower Packing

    1. Metal Structured Packing
      The application of sheet metal structured packing ranges from negative pressure, normal pressure to high pressure absorption and distillation. This type of metal power packing features low resistance, uniform gas and liquid distribution, high efficiency, large flux and small amplification effect.
    1. Metal Random Packing
      Metal random packing is made using carbon steel, stainless steel and other metals as raw material. Metal random tower packing offered by Hualian is characterized by thin thickness, thermal resistance, high porosity, large flux, small resistance and high separation efficiency. Metal random packing is an ideal choice for the vacuum distillation of materials which are thermal sensitive and easy to decompose, polymerize and carbonize.
    1. Plastic Structured Packing
      Plastic structured tower packing features light weight, large flux, low pressure drop, large specific surface area and easy exchange. Plastic structure packing offered by Hualian includes sheet metal structured packing, kitted structured packing, gauze packing and inclined corrugated packing. The gauze packing is constructed by polypropylene fiber and polyacrylonitrile fiber. PVDF plate is applied, which increases the efficiency and can be drilled with holes.
    1. Plastic Random Packing
      Plastic random packing designed by Hualian features light weight, thermal resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high porosity, low pressure drop, small height of transfer unit, high flooding point, sufficient gas-liquid contact and high mass transfer efficiency. An extensive application of plastic random tower packing is found in such industries as petroleum, chemical engineering, chlor-alkali, coal gas and environmental protection, with an usage temperature of 60-280℃.
    1. Ceramic Structured Packing
      The distillation column packing features small pressure drop, good processing capacity, small liquid holdup, high flexibility and small amplification effect. Excellent hydrophilic property allows an ultra-thin film to be formed on the surface of ceramic structured packing. The film accelerates the running of gas flow and leads to an efficiency as high as metal structured packing.
    1. Ceramic Random Packing
      Ceramic tower packing has excellent acid and heat resistance, except hydrofluoric acid outside the capability of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents, corrosion can be a variety of high-temperature, low-temperature occasions. The ceramic tower packing is widely applied in drying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers and regenerating towers etc.